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>Okay, I've got the need to load about 3000 Records, at 73 Bytes a piece,
>into active memory.  It'd be preferred to have it as an Array of
>Records, which is what I'm using now (only at 1000 Records though).

>When I do this I get Structure too Large.  Is there any way that I can
>load all of these Records into memory, For sorting, editing, deleting
>and adding new entries (which is easy With an Array).

     MaxItems  = 3000 ;

Type TItem =
          { 73 Bytes Record }
          Dum  : Array[1..73] of Byte ;
     end ;
     PItem = ^TItem ;

     TItemArray = Array[1..MaxItems] of PItem ;

Var  i    : Integer ;
     Arr  : TItemArray ;

     For i:=1 to MaxItems Do New(Arr[i]) ;

     { Now, can use all those items in memory }

     For i:=1 to MaxItems Do Dispose(Arr[i]) ;


note that the set of data will occupy :

3000*4 Bytes in DS            12000 Bytes
3000*80 Bytes in the heap    240000 Bytes
                             252000 Bytes of memory...

The '80' in the second line is due to the fact that TP 6's heap manager
allocates heap space by multiples of 8 Bytes, thus 73 Bytes result in
80 Bytes allocs. Reducing it to 72 Bytes would save 8*3000=24000 Bytes.

Anyway, this is not Real safe Programming, and you should prefer using a
File, unleast you are Really sure that :
- you won't have more than 3000 Records,
- any machine your Program will run onto has enough memory.

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